#BOHRChain DAPP Hackathon, developers can develop feasible DAPP based on BOHR,
Please send the demo to the designated email address on the official website.
We will rate the items: A+, A, B+, B, C+, C, D+, D eight ratings.
As rewards, we will directly give 500,000 BOHR votes, and different levels will reward different output times.

A+, 300 days
A, 250 days
B+, 200 days
B, 150 days
C+, 100 days
C, 50 days
D+, 30 days
D, None

The review will be conducted in terms of functions, decentralization, and code.
Developers need to have complete blockchain-related professional knowledge. We do not accept any pirated programs and single-function utility programs. It will be directly selected as D-level.
DAPPs that pass the review will receive Hackathon rewards.

The Hackathon event will continue until March 2022

Comprehensively fill in the information for scoring, The items that meet the requirements will be included.

Basic requirements:
Add the pool 100%, have a specific announcement launch time, the project party does not have any reservations for the Token, and burn the LP Token.
Please submit before the project starts.
If your project…

Before update: txpool.blockGasLimit = 10000000
After update: txpool.blockGasLimit = 100000000

#BOHRSWAP is currently being tested. The default size of txpool.blockGasLimit cannot meet the calling requirements of BohrSwap.
The nodes need to be configured synchronously.
Configuration method

The “bohr.properties” file is placed in the config directory.

Update of BMR terms:
The development of BOHRSWAP is still in progress. Taking into account the fact that the market value of BR and BRM is too low and does not have the conditions for Yield Farming, the terms are updated:
1. The total amount of BRM is reduced from 8350000 BRM…

Log configuration file:

Obtain the log configuration file:


Download BOHR’s open source code on Github.

to Download ZIP,Get the file path:BoHr/bohr-core/config/log4j2.xml

After obtaining config/log4j2.xml, log configuration file in BOHR wallet.

How to configure it:


config is the folder name, log4j2.xml is the log configuration file. log4j2.xml is in the config directory, only this file is needed. Put config in the root directory of BOHR wallet and restart BOHR wallet.


Build an open source blockchain system and smart contract ecological platform for Bohr.

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