Use BOHR icons or stickers to create baseball caps, t-shirts, keychains, phone cases and more. Any idea you can think of, it will work. Combine with the real thing, tweet your creations, and @BOHRweb.

Excellent works will receive NFTs giveaways.



BohrArmy, #Against the trend is up.

If #Against trend confirms its outcome, the following details will be confirmed:
1. The liquidity plan of the sand dollar will be suspended. It will only be used for item purchases in Boverse #Metaverse and will not be listed on CEX and DEX.
The listing plan of the sand dollar will be conducted by voting again in the future.

2. The 0.1 BNB paid for activating Pac-Man will be updated to free, you only need to pay the gas of BNBChain.

3. 🍬 is only available in the invitation relationship, sand dollars are only available in Pac-Man.

4. Airdropped BOHR will enter Limited Pac-Man.



BOHR will announce the whitelist of BoVerse in the future!
Only those who tweet positively can enter BoVerse to participate in the first purchase and auction of land!
The first sale of land is limited to whitelist only!

1. ≥ 1 positive and interesting tweet about #BOHR per day.
2. Daily positive, funny, relevant #BOHR comments under other crypto twitter accounts. ≥1
3. Twitter Bio Leave your BSC wallet address for review and whitelisting.

This is a reward for BOHR stalwarts!

If Twitter is found to be posting FUD tweets about BOHR or does not meet human review criteria, it will be disqualified from the whitelist.
Because it is a manual review, there is no perfunctory behavior.

Excellent accounts can participate in other BoVerse reward activities.
Such as excellent articles or more pictures.




Welcome to the BoVerse! #BOHR #BoVerse🐋 Metaverse🪐 🖼 ✨ $BOHR $BOND #BSC Contract: 0x7be9E596896b64c88E39b7e88F8dceDDa79845C0